Book lover

Good morning, everyone!

Do you remember the first book that made you fall in love with reading?

Some of us may have only recently fallen in love with books. Others, like myself, have to go way back to the days of our childhood.

I can actually give two answers.

I fell in love with books long before i could even read, my first book was a soft padded plastic humpty dumpty “teething ” book. It was a little larger than a slice of bread and full of bright, colorful pictures on each cushiony page.

I love that little book. I have pictures of my mummy holding me while I’m gnawing on the corners.

I’m sure she wiped off the baby slobber a gazillion times. When I was older, she let me play with it. I’d pretend to read it to my dolls ( by remembering the story as mummy had read it to me)

I don’t know what happened to that little soft book but I’d pay money to have it back. Sadly, a search on Google gave me no matching results. I’m just sappy and treasure old things.

On the second book that made me fall in love with reading…Harry Potter and the philosopher stone by j.k.rowling ,this is the first “magical -fantasy book ” i read all by myself.

I was in the second grade. I remember lying in my bed crying my eyes out when Harry’s warts -aunt used to tease him.

I still love this book. The cover is a bit ragged and the pages have yellowed, but i shall always treasure it as a precious jewel.

Only a fellow book – lover can understand what it truly means to fall in love with reading….

May you all have a wonderful day!

Divya 💝

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